Why you need premarital counseling

Ok, so you’re going to get married. You’re going to spend lots of money on a wedding, then spend THE REST OF YOUR LIFE with this person. Doesn’t it make sense to invest a little time and money into making sure you start your marriage off on the right foot? The Relationship Center can help. Call us to set-up premarital sessions and make sure you have a strong foundation to build your marriage on.

Problems don’t go away after marriage, THEY GET WORSE!

premarital counseling Before the wedding is the best time to address your concerns. Ignoring concerns and hoping things will get better after the wedding is A BAD IDEA.

Important Topics to Cover Before You “Tie the Knot”

  • Who does what? What are the role expectations?
  • How do we make decisions when we don’t agree on the solutions?
  • What is SEX supposed to be like and what sexual baggage are we bringing into our marriage?
  • How important are KIDS / How soon do we want them?
  • Marriage brings two families together – Are there in-law concerns?
  • COMMUNICATION – COMMUNICATION – COMMUNICATION- It gets tougher after the wedding.
  • MONEY – Who will make it? Who will manage it? How will we spend it?

These are just a few of the important questions a marriage counselor can help you start thinking about in ways that will save your marriage a lot of heart ache down the road.

PreMarital Counseling can help your marriage be a dream come true!