Raising a Child with a Disability and Staying Happily Married

Family CounselingAugust, 23, 2011

This month’s SWAN meeting featured special guest speakers from the The Relationship Center Dr. Jared Pingleton and counselor Shaun Lotter, MA, LPC. Dr. Pingleton shared an inspirational message with couples encouraging them to recognize that the enemy is not each other, the problem is not the child – it’s the stress that is pulling a marriage apart that is the problem! He encouraged husbands to give wives a break, and to find ways to romance her…otherwise, “they’re going to be a mommy – and not a wife.”

He also encouraged wives to understand that men have an intense need to fix things, and that when they are unable to “fix” the problems, it can cause them to feel inadequate, which in turn can lead to withdrawal and avoidance. Counselor Shaun Lotter shared that in his counseling experience, one of the things that many families experience is guilt…wondering if they’ve done enough, or wondering if could they have done things differently. Counselor Lotter encouraged families to not feel guilty, but to seek help to find ways to cope with the guilt and stress.

Getting professional help to deal with the stress of raising a child with a disability is so important, there’s nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed about. Your children depend on you to take care of yourself so that you can in turn take care of them. Dr. Pingleton stressed the importance of finding ways to “recharge your battery” pointing out how difficult it is to give to your children or your spouse when you are empty and have nothing left to give.

It was a wonderful session, full of great insight and helpful advice. The Relationship Center has trained staff equipped to help you and your spouse. Click on the link below to visit their website and find out more information. Don’t put off getting help if you need it. SWAN gives Dr. Pingleton and Counselor Lotter an

ENORMOUS thank you for taking the time to come visit with us and share such a wonderful presentation!

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